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Working at Trout is so Much More
Than Just a Job.

Each staff and volunteer role at Trout contributes to our mission of engaging kids, youth, and adults with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Each year we serve around 15,000 campers and rely on staff and volunteers to enable the message of Christ to spread wide and far.

There are so many opportunities to get involved at Trout. We have paid summer roles as a cabin leader, program staff, or in a program support role like kitchen, office, or housekeeping. We also offer volunteer opportunities for registered nurses, retirees, or high school students in our Disciple Team program. No matter what your role, a job at Trout is a job on mission. Keep scrolling below to find your perfect fit.

Summer Christian Camp Jobs

Summer Christian
Camp Jobs (Ages 18+)

We have over 30+ summer roles to choose from. Do you want to work directly with kids and teens? Or is your style leading an up-front game or being in a skit? Do you thrive helping unseen in the background? There is no other summer job that will provide you with a breadth of experiences like being on summer staff at Trout.


Disciple Team
(7th-12th Grade)

Junior or senior high students have the opportunity to change lives by serving with the Disciple Team at Trout Lake Camps. Disciple Team offers paid and volunteer positions all summer long as students live, work, play, and grow as junior staff members at Trout. Paid positions are available for 16 years+ who can work at least 8 Camp weeks starting at $250 per week. Pick the week or weeks that work for you—and bring a friend (or two)!

Volunteer Opportunities Age 18+

Opportunities (Ages 18+)

What if you don’t have an entire summer to give up? Or maybe you’re retired and looking for meaningful work that matters for God’s kingdom on your schedule. We rely on nearly a hundred volunteers each year to help make the ministry at Trout thrive. If volunteering is more your speed, click below.

Apostleship Program (Ages 18-22)

Trout’s Apostleship Program is our gap-year program for young adults who are preparing themselves for their “next step.” The program is a made up of post-high school young adults who are looking to grow in their character, skills, and basic biblical understanding. They are paid a modest stipend, experience a 10 day “Footsteps of Jesus” tour in Israel, and help our full-time staff run year-round ministry at Trout.

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Full-Time Christian Camp Jobs (Ages 18+)

If you’re a seasoned camping professional or maybe looking for a career change into more meaningful work, then a career in Christian camping at Trout could be for you. When you join the full time staff team at Trout, our hope is that you will grow in your faith, be stretched in your skills, and reflect Jesus more at your job, in our community, and in your family.


More Than
Just a Job

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7th-8th Grade

Program Staff

7th-8th Grade

Cabin Leaders

7th-8th Grade

Support Staff


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Have Fun and Share God’s Love

Have Fun and Share God’s Love

When you join the Trout Lake staff, our prayer is that you will grow spiritually in your walk with Jesus, your leadership will be sharpened, and you’ll see a connection between your work and the work that God does in the lives of campers. Safe. Fun. Gospel are the hallmarks of the Trout staff experience.