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International Summer Staff
(Non-US Citizens)

Welcome to Trout Lake Camps. Trout Lake Camps is a Christian camp located in Central Minnesota, USA. We exist to challenge kids of all ages with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. We teach the basics of biblical faith in age-appropriate ways and incorporate the truths from the Bible in as many ways as possible.

If you are looking for a summer job, enjoy kids, and are open to sharing about why you love Jesus and your personal relationship with Him, then Trout might be the place for you to spend your summer.

In summer 2022, we hired 155 college-age summer staff from all over the United States and 8 countries. A summer working at Trout is more than just a summer job. You will make life-long friends, be stretched in new and fresh ways, and see God move in incredible ways. Staff often report that working at Trout is one of the most challenging experiences of their life and also one of the most rewarding.

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What we look for in Summer Staff members

  • Hard workers, people who need to "punch a clock" need not apply
  • All-In, Trout staff members view their jobs as their mission trip versus their job
  • Lean Forward – Staff members have "can-do", "how can I help?" type of attitudes. When they see problems, they take initiative to fix them themselves
  • Love Kids – From the Kitchen, to Housekeeping staff to Lifeguards, we look for people who have a heart for kids, young and old
  • Have a personal relationship with Jesus – Why do you Believe in Jesus? What is the gospel? How can someone have a personal relationship with Jesus? Trout staff members should have personal ownership in their relationship with Christ and be open to share that with kids when they ask.
  • Believe in the Bible – Trout staff members believe the Bible and it's teachings to be true and point kids to the central truths of scripture.
  • Trout staff members don't Take themselves too seriously – They understand the value of humor and know how to always make the best out of a bad situation.
Spend your summer following Jesus

As an International Staff Member at Trout, here is what you can expect:

  • Food, Housing, and Laundry facilities are provided throughout your employment
  • A modest stipend to cover other living expenses, travel, and leisure activities
  • Limited access to a computer (usually 1-2 times per week max) to connect with home
  • Free Staff T-Shirts!
  • Staff Outing and Community Events as available throughout the summer to experience Minnesota, American Culture – (oh you betcha!)

Find Your Ideal Summer Job

Program Staff
Cabin Leaders
Support Staff

Program Staff Opportunities

Do you thrive in front of large groups? Leading others? Program Staff roles lead the daily camp programs and activities of campers and staff. Program staff can expect to develop their leadership skills everyday. Roles include:

Disciple Team
Program Events
Music and Chapel
Recreation Area
Adventure Area
Arts and Crafts
Health Lodge
Horsemanship Coordinator
Nature Center Specialist

At Trout Lake Camps, you’ll make lasting friendships, build leadership skills, and grow in your relationship with Jesus. You’ll also earn good money doing something rewarding and fun!


Earn a Modest Stipend
& Earn More Each
Returning Summer


Housing & Meals


Earn College
Intern Credit
(In Select Positions)


Build Lasting
Leadership Skills


Enjoy Camp Activities
All Summer - Horseback
Riding, Boating & More


Make Friends, Have Fun
& Share God’s Love


Dates To Remember

Staff Training

Staff Training

May 29th - June 10th
Summer Camp

Summer Camp

June 11th - August 26th

Great Benefits. Lasting Rewards.

Trout Lake staff members have a great summer building leadership skills,
making friends and sharing the love of Jesus. Join us!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Have Fun and Share God’s Love

Have Fun and Share God’s Love

When you join the Trout Lake staff, our prayer is that you will grow spiritually in your walk with Jesus, your leadership will be sharpened, and you’ll see a connection between your work and the work that God does in the lives of campers. Safe. Fun. Gospel are the hallmarks of the Trout staff experience.